Leasing Opportunities

Engstrom Properties currently has a solid relationship with the more than 125 national and local tenants under our management.  The leasing component is crucial to maximizing the environment and performance of each property.  We understand how to balance the demands of national and regional retailers as well as the needs of the local tenants.  Engstrom Properties is continuing to look for opportunities to position new retailers to complement the existing tenants in the respective centers.

Cassidy Turley (CT) and Terranomics, a subsidiary of CT, act as our leasing agents to attract new tenants to fill our existing vacancies. Terranomics handles all of retail properties, while CT lists the industrial, office, and investment sales properties that are available. The leasing expertise of Cassidy Turley and Terranomics enables us to position the optimal tenant mix for each property to create a successful interplay between the anchor and shop space tenants. The expanded diversity within each respective center makes it possible for the center to thrive in the ever changing marketplace.

To learn more about our centers and the leasing opportunities please select one of the following:





Woodland Crossroads

Shaun Morrow / Terranomics


Sycamore Pointe

Shaun Morrow / Terranomics


Hotel Woodland

Keith Mellor / Terranomics


Sam’s Town

Shaun Morrow / Terranomics


Briggs Ranch Plaza

Shaun Morrow / Terranomics


City Center

Shaun Morrow / Terranomics


Harbor Central

Shaun Morrow / Terranomics


Hanson Warehouse

Jeff Post & Ken Reiff / Cassidy Turley


Lake Washington

Shaun Morrow / Terranomics


Plumas Lake

Carl Packard / Cassidy Turley


Montecito Custom Estates

Kathi Jobson / Lyon Residential Real Estate


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